Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Social Media For Dentists

Social media has changed the way most businesses operate in 2015 and the world of dentistry is no different. Not only are dentists expected to provide a service, but now many practices are expected to be electronically accessible and engaged with their patients beyond their scheduled appointments through a variety of social media websites and platforms.

Websites are supposed to do more than merely provide a phone number to call and driving directions to your practice. Patients want a full service web portal where they can check your available time slots, make appointments, look at your practice, read about your staff, and look at before and after photos of some procedures that are performed in your office.

Patients want dynamic information and interaction that your website may not be able to provide. Keeping patients engaged through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest is key for customer retention and new business. People are busier and more distracted than ever. Mrs. Smith who came in for a cleaning a year ago may not have logged on to Facebook thinking about her next dentist appointment, but while browsing through family photos she might see a quick note from your office reminding her that it's time for a checkup.

Knowing where and how you are discussed in cyberspace is just as important as reaching out to current and potential clients. Review websites such as Yelp and Foursquare are very helpful with shaping your practice’s image. Negative reviews can spell doom for you as many patients take to it to get things off of their chest that they may not have wanted to tell you in person. You want to be able to respond politely to any grievances one may air about your practice and let other readers know that you care about the concerns of your patients and will do better next time. Conversely, if your patients walk away satisfied, you can ask them to leave a review for you online which will help drive new patients to your practice.

All of this may sound daunting but it in today’s times, it is a way of life. A good social media presence is just as important as your friendly receptionist, or a fresh coat of paint on your walls. It is the new face of your company. Do not get left behind. Use it to your advantage and watch your business grow.

Please give us a call to learn how social media can help grow your client base, boost revenue, and stay engaged with your patients.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Salaries In The Dental Office - National Statistics

One of the most common questions I receive while in my travels through various dental offices is by far - "How much should I be paying my...(dental assistant, hygienist, office manager)?"
That is a very loaded question. Dental office team member salaries can vary based on experience, office location, type of dental office and so many other variables. 
Lucky for us, Dental Products Report has congregated information from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to bring us a great resource for checking salaries.