Thursday, September 13, 2018

Three Reports Every Office Must Pull DAILY!

There are 3 reports that every office should be checking DAILY. They include the Insurance claims to process, Secondary claims not created, and Procedures not attached reports. Taking the time to pull these each day will help ensure claims are properly created and being sent and will avoid holding up payments or unnecessary write offs.  

When mistakes are located and taken care of quickly, you will have to spend less time going backwards to correct, resend and attach documents that should have been done initially.  When information is not received in a timely manner, claims are denied, requiring even more additional work to process appeals or then write offs become necessary, losing the practice money. Often times a claim is unable to be sent due to missing or incorrect information. This can be seen right away and corrected quickly by daily reviewing the Claims to process report. 

When creating a claim, it is important to be sure all necessary procedures are included with current and correct codes. Forgetting to include a procedure and then not checking reports can result in timely filing denials and loss of revenue.  Unspecified procedures or unknown codes without a detailed and clear narrative included can also hold up claim processing and cause additional denials.

Once a primary insurance payment is posted, the secondary claim should be sent immediately, with the primary EOB attached. Forgetting to submit secondary can end up with statements being sent and/or patient being charged prematurely.

When these reports are checked daily, and information accuracy is prioritized, it should not take but a few minutes a day and the reports should be short if not empty. The gain is great for the small amount of work and time necessary to accomplish this task.